Try something fabulous

We are specialist wine, beer and spirit merchants.

You can put any sort of liquid in a glass, but at The Sipster we believe it should be the best of wines, a cracking craft beer or a distinctive spirit. Our website is currently undergoing a refurb, but we'll be back soon! If you need to contact us, please call 028 9086 3206 or email us.

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Liquor Store

Your VIP pass to a journey of discovery of some of the world's sought after and enjoyable wines, craft beers and distinctive spirits. Old favourites, new discoveries, all of them incredible classics. Wine is what we love at The Sipster and you'll find the wines you need to know in our hand selected range.

We are always open too, to a new brewery or local spirit, so we've done the hard yards and created a beautiful collection of stupendous liquor. All you have to do is - Pour. Relax and Enjoy something fabulous.

Tasting Room

This is the Sipster secret. Our glorious tasting room. Set yourself up with a tasting machine top up card and our staff will be right there to guide you if you need advice or simply refer you to our notes on the tasting stations.

Sipster Bar

This is a snug little Bar hidden away above our liquor store on the shore. Perfect for private functions or just a relaxed drink with a really warm and unique atmosphere. There’s always something going on every night.

Ask the bartender for a cool craft beer or a really distinctive glass of something different and they will always oblige. Maybe you want somewhere to meet for quiet one, or to celebrate and kick back after a momentous moment. Come down to our Bar and experience a Sipster welcome, a place like no other.